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We have been praying for God’s specific will and direction as we go forward, and where our giftings can best be used for His glory. We desire to expand the work in Bosnia and beyond, building the Body of Christ, and making better use of the camp, bringing to fulfillment the vision of the Evangelical Church of Bosnia & Herzegovina. We would like, if God wills, to incorporate leadership development and experiential training into a more expansive use of the summer camp, including a greater variety of types of retreats, and also develop other locations. The Bosnian Evangelical Camp is in a beautiful mountain area, but is often snowed in from about November through April. In our desire to make better use of these winter months, we have considered expanding our area of service to Central America or the Caribbean, which also allows us to be somewhat closer to our children for a season.

We have become aware of a Discipleship Training center that is in need of help. The gifts and
services we can bring to them could expand their ministry in many ways and the Lord has opened up the opportunity for us to work with them! We are working out the details, but are tentatively
planning to move to St. Lucia in the Caribbean at the end of October, staying through April, when we would transition back through Atlanta, which gives us a week or two to check on our children, and on to Sarajevo, Bosnia. We are excited about this new opportunity the Lord has opened up for us to serve!

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