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August 2018

Merle’s trip this summer to Sarajevo, Bosnia

Mladen is pastor of the Breza Church. Here he is leading worship and preaching. He

also has bee hives and a hazelnut tree farm on his property for future income.

Merle was able to visit with a number of friends and believers in Sarajevo. He was

discouraged about the church in Sarajevo, as the believers are either moving elsewhere

or dropping off. He was able to visit old neighbors and make new friends, too!

Refugees sleeping on the street near the bus station – this is a bad picture, but I wanted

to be discreet. They roam the streets and the locals don’t know what to do, but want to

help if they can. Some people posing as refugees are taking advantage of transient

vulnerable people for trafficking. A friend of ours in the police department said they

busted a group, but that is only one of many. It is a difficult situation. Some groups are

trying to feed them two meals a day.

Going back to Bosnia was a difficult trip. I had many mixed feelings. The believers seem

to be falling away or are very stagnant in their faith. All churches and ministries seem to

be dealing with the same issues. The church just doesn’t seem to be growing though we

know that God causes the growth even while we are sleeping! (1 Cor. 3:7, Mark 4:27)

Islam is growing with a greater Arab influence coming into Bosnia and becoming more

visible. The spiritual darkness is pretty heavy, with an atmosphere of division, anger,

frustration, and hopelessness. Also Syrian refugees are now coming into Bosnia as there

seems to be no access as the EU closes its door. The brightest light in this darkness is the

Evangelical camp at the lake in the mountains. The camp low ropes equipment and the

zip line were in good shape from last year’s repair work I did, so I helped others prepare

the camp. Camp Emek Baraka (Bosnian Evangelical Camp) is a wonderful environment

for transformation. Many hands made light work to prepare the grounds and buildings

for kids and families to come and experience transformation at summer camp.

This picture is how I found Merle, as he didn’t have phone service or internet. Katie sent

this picture and I contacted her and asked her to get a message to Merle because I

couldn’t reach him. Finally I was able to tell him his sister’s lung cancer suddenly turned

for the worse. He cut his trip short and flew out the next day. Due to many delays, he

missed his flight, slept in the Newark Airport, and we did not make it to Ohio before

Linda passed. We stayed for her funeral and visited with his family for a few days.

More pictures of friends and food in Bosnia!

Dear neighbors Halima, Edo, and Sabina, Bahra (our first landlady), & Sutka’s son, Haris

(From left to right) Belmin and Indira, with their new baby, Ema, Radoslav, Sarajevo night

Praises and Prayer Requests

Merle was able to give Stipe and Violeta over $400 for his medical bills, for which they

were really excited! They said to tell everyone thank you and they were very grateful!

They also needed encouragement and he was able to share the gospel several times.

Merle is very busy finishing the renovations to the house in which we are living as well

as repairing the Kennesaw house before new renters. Pray that Merle finishes all the

remodeling in a timely fashion. Our rental house is in need of new quality renters. We

have been working very hard to clean and repair it, as the income it provides pays

toward Lydia’s college expenses.

Merle will be going to Barbuda in October to work with Samaritan’s Purse replacing

roofs on buildings destroyed a year ago (!) during Hurricane Irma. Pray for

opportunities to see what the Lord is doing, to share Christ, and for safety from

mosquitoes and heat exhaustion. Pray for our final preparations to return to the

mission field in October, as well as any specific instructions from the Lord.

Pray for good positions for Allan and Hannah as they are moving from Cedar Campus in

MI by the end of August. Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom as they examine the

opportunities before them.

Lydia is in college at Gordon State College in Barnesville, GA. She is rooming with her

bestie from High school. So far, so good! Pray for protection physically and spiritually, and wisdom, as she is at a secular college. You may not have heard that one of our

supporters gave her a car! WOW! Here it is:

Jenny’s 4th grade Sunday school class graduated to 5th grade! Missing them! She

finished her challenging Church History class and will finish the two-year seminary

sequence with her last class, Missions, to be completed on Oct. 2nd. Also, her ears have been ringing and it is annoying at times – please pray for complete healing.

We returned from a family reunion with Jenny’s siblings and it was fun to be together

again. We had a reunion two years ago and saw them at Hannah’s wedding in April of

last year, but we don’t get together often, especially when we are overseas, so it was

really delightful to be together. We are one of the amazing families that get along well!

Luke has a fulltime job with Coreslab. Yay! Pray for his perseverance in the August heat

and growth into independence, as he will have to move into his own place within two

months. Luke is very happy to have the Lexus (given to Hannah years ago) to drive!

We are continually praising God for his provision! He has been amazing to meet our

needs, even though is it usually at the last moment. When we look back, we are

amazed by Him. As we look forward, we do trust Him, but there are many unanswered

questions and we are patiently waiting for direction and answers.

Thank you all for praying. We are desperate for God at all times. To God be the glory!

May God be glorified through our lives - here or there, or anywhere!

All glory to You, Lord!

Jenny, Merle, Hannah & Allan, Lydia, and Luke


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