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T H A N K   Y O U !
When we think about the Lord, how he saved us, how he changed us,
how he blessed us, we are overwhelmed! How can we best serve you, Lord?
You have done so much for us!
You can also be a part of reaching the world for Christ to those who have not heard!
The reality is that we need more monthly supporters.  Please join our support family!

1. We need your prayers! We don’t want to go anywhere without the Lord
leading and guiding. He promises to be with us, and our children, and although this isn’t an
easy transition, we trust Him completely in this leap of faith as our children begin to launch
into the unknown and we all leave the comforts of home.
2. Could you partner with us to provide a monthly gift to ARM Ministries?
3. We need additional finances for projects and to supply our account with ARM Ministries.

We are Faith Promise missionaries.  God provides for us and we are willing

and able to work cross-culturally.  We are willing to go, but those who go must be sent. 

Are you willing to also trust God in providing for us financially so that we can serve abroad?

Thank you for your partnership in the Lord's growing Kingdom!

This ministry is supported solely through personal deductible donations.
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