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A Container of Life or Is it Just Us?

Dearest Friends,

This season of life for us is best described with the word transition. When we moved our family to Sarajevo almost twenty years ago in 1999, there were very little household items to purchase in war-torn Bosnia, so we shipped our belongings and a van while U.N. and SFOR tanks were still on the ground! Now after 20 years and our adult children have transitioned back to the States, we don’t need as much for Jenny and I to live overseas. Now seems to be the best time to bless others with some of our things and ship the most significant items back to the United States.

One plans to move through a transition in life that seems to make the most sense, yet holding your plans with an open hand praying God will order your steps. You learn to be at peace knowing that He is sovereign and His will supersedes ours. We trust that He is working all things together for good, for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

And now at this particular moment in our journey, we have a pressing need:

Please help us ship these most significant items back to the U.S. costing approximately $6000. Thank you in advance for those who generously give to meet this step of faith.

You can have your bank generate a check to ARM Ministries or pay online with a card.

Find us at by clicking one of these links:

or send a check to:

ARM Ministries

PO Box 446

Dundee, OR 97115

Memo line: Jones/Bosnia/Container

Phone 806-370-5600

Thank you for being part of the work to bless Bosnians and those around us through our hands and feet as we serve as a light in a dark place as a Christian influence among the nations and those hurting in the world.

With love and gratefulness,

Merle and Jenny

1999 Us 2019


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