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April Preparations

We returned from the St. Croix YWAM Base in March, and Merle jumped to work repairing some winter issues with our buildings as preparations for further development of the property on Lookout Mountain, GA. He took a first mate position on the delivery of a sailing catamaran from Saint Thomas in the US Virgin Islands to Fort Pierce, Florida to gain more hands-on experience for a possible future mobile sailing ministry, as the boat owners did not want to make the open ocean crossing. He had eight days of non-stop day and night sailing, being on night watch, and many duties that a sailing vessel require. As they crossed open ocean, at times they had high winds and tumultuous seas. They harbored in Freeport in the Bahamas for three days. Other were not so fortunate to find a safe harbor, but no souls lost, praise God.

Merle plans to continue building on the Lookout Mountain property. The completed Glass House is doing well on the rental market (Thank you, Lord), which helps cover additional financial needs, and the extra funds it brings in go toward transforming the garage into a second rental to avoid a loan. We are blessed with Merle's knowledge and skill at every step of the process and grateful for God's much needed provision, along with the monthly support of those who contribute to our financial needs. These projects are for a possible retreat center and needed income as we age and can't travel as much, which is becoming increasingly difficult for my crooked back. Traveling is getting more challenging as the flight seats seem smaller all the time and my back needs support in different places than the formed plastic seat. It was especially difficult on the long 14 hour flight from Sarajevo, and returning from St. Croix.

I am counseling at church and teaching a 12-week class on the book "The Heart of the Problem" about relationships, self-awareness of sin, repentance, and forgiveness, as well as at another church beginning in May. We are looking into the logistics of going to Bosnia in the late summer/fall for a few months. I would like to teach these concepts there where much reconciliation and joy is needed. We are in need of funds for flying to Bosnia in August, about $2300. Please consider contributing to this need via the give button above which links you with ARM Ministries. Thank you so much. ❤️

I made a presentation at GAs (Girls in Action) at church about Bosnia and Islam. The girls and teachers heard the call-to-prayer and various stories, including Hannah sharing about Jesus in her fourth grade class, saw video of Muslim ladies praying together at a funeral, our teams' church plants worshiping Jesus, and the many other ministries opportunities we had including Merle's adventure sports and team building outreach through the university. I even made burek and zeljanica for them to taste. Many of the children had never heard of Islam and Muslims. I'm continuing to work on the long-term investment of a book on God's faithfulness in our lives as we came to faith, were equipped for and went to the mission field of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and stories of God's blessings in our challenges. The Lord has done amazing things in our lives!

Luke is currently living at home and working full-time for a concrete fabrication company. Luke's interest is cars and he recently bought a needed car, as he has been walking, sometimes in the rain, to work. Our daughters are both happily married; Hannah works in Digital Media and Graphic Design, and creates and sews corsets, aprons, and Renaissance style dresses for an Etsy Shop she owns. living in Columbia, SC with Allan; Lydia is a nurse in Carrollton; grandpets consist of 3 cats for Hannah, and a new puppy for Lydia and Jo.

May God bless you by teaching you about Himself through all the challenges and trials you face. Jesus comforted us with these words, "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me." "In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world." John 14:1, John 16:33.


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