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April's Fool

Blessings for the cistern, and the brethren. It has rained consistently since we asked you to pray at the beginning of February and the cistern is full. Thank you, but you can stop now.

The DTS students graduated and headed off to their next adventure back at home.

Merle's recent projects have been creating a cabinet for the cooler, B&V balls, volley ball net and blower, fixing the base of a toilet, and repairing the double-seated rope swing, as he had just learned how to braid the rope back onto itself.

Visiting teams, school and church groups, and families who stay on the base require various kinds of hospitality: cleaning, laundry, meal prep and clean up, and visiting with people.

Activities on campus - Team building games with students.

Serving Paradise Mill kids - year-round ministry. Debbie sent more blessings to the base!

We were privileged to get invited to Buck Island this year with a group, and experienced the marked out snorkeling area through the coral, with signs to inform the visitors. The fish were big, and the water especially clear. We traveled out across the big waves on this trimaran.

Three types of turtles are on St. Croix - Green (which we see regularly), Leatherback, and Hawk's Bill. Moko Jumbies are guys on stilts, who entertain cruise guests, or create an art piece. We celebrated our 29th anniversary, saw a turtle art piece made of chaney and sea glass, and watched the sunset.

God's amazing treasures from the sea! Merle thought to tie his gopro to his spear to take pictures really close. Green moray eel, peek-a-boo, spotted eel, green turtle, cuttlefish, sergeant major, angel fish and assorted others, lionfish (poisonous), sea amenome (poisonous).

Pictures: Great friends, Rose and Ky, blessed by dinner out with Doug and Dana, Jonathan and Barbara, and Kurt, Jenny "attending" Think LifeChange class from St. Croix each Thursday night, and tourists on horses at the beach. Worship at the base, Skibas last day, Auggie and Milo, and the team shining light to this island. We also joined a Discipleship night with a local church, St. Croix Christian, where we attended church. Below is a picture I made from chaney (which I found in the garden area on campus) on the bottom part and trunk, and sea glass on the top. And surprise! We are back home in the Atlanta area. It is so GOOD to have a home to come back to.

"Yours, Lord, is the greatness and the power

and the glory and the majesty and the splendor,

for everything in heaven and earth is yours.

Yours, Lord, is the kingdom;

you are exalted as head over all.

Wealth and honor come from you;

you are the ruler of all things.

In your hands are strength and power

to exalt and give strength to all."

1 Chronicles 29:11-12


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