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Beautiful Bosnia

The Bosna River near Sarajevo runs by the Old Roman Bridge with Maglic Mountain rising in the background. There are many historic ruins and castle remnants with a rich history in the region, and the rivers and mountains are beautiful, fresh and cold, even in the summer! We have baptized in this river and many others, and even at the coast!

The view, looking south from our second apartment toward Vogosca, is typical of the space in the country, though it can be much more desolate that this.

Looking north toward downtown Sarajevo, on the ridge of Kobilja Glava, is my favorite view, with mountains all around and the city in the distance, only a few minutes drive away! We lived in this Muslim neighborhood for 12 years! We love our neighbors and are very close to them. Our children were the only Christians in the local public school, Zajko Delic, of 500 or so, each for four years.

Bosnia has many old world scenes, like sheep grazing or traversing the road, picturesque hay mounds, and sleepy ancients villages way up in the mountains. Bahra, our first landlord, says if Bosnia was ironed out it would be as big as Russia! Perhaps an exaggeration.

Of course, there is also the city, where there are many forms of public transportation, lots of walking, especially in town, and a cacophony of sound when the call to prayer begins at the scenic overlook where this picture was taken. There are many exciting sights throughout this small capital city, like the museum, the twist tower, the Catholic and Orthodox churches in downtown, the life size chess game, Bascarsija (the old town), mosques to visit, souvenirs from Turkey or Iran to browse, and our new tram to the top of Trebevic for a view of the bobsled run from the 1984 Olympics, now destroyed from the war, as well as a scenic overlook of the city of Sarajevo.

The weather in Sarajevo is very seasonal. Winter comes to Sarajevo, and the temperatures in town are usually only in the 20' F., though on the ski slopes, it can be windy and much colder! Some winters are sparse and some are so heavy with snow that things shut down for a few days, and the snow may last until April!

The beautiful Stari Most (Old Bridge), built in 1557 in the city of Mostar, was tragically destroyed during the war but rebuilt with the same stones retrieved out of the Neretva River. Divers tease to raise funds to jump or dive into the freezing cold river during the summer months. The climate in Mostar is warmer than Sarajevo and more like Atlanta's weather.

The oldest town in Bosnia & Herzegovina is Pocetilj, center above. Picturesque fog can hang over the mountains, and roads can be narrow and dangerous in places. Often, you will have to back up to let a car pass when driving, both in the country and in town, on narrow two-lane roads that are only one-lane wide! I call it the Sarajevo dance.

Bihac has the beautiful Una River running through it. Water in Bosnia is pristine, from prolific springs or flowing right out of the mountain rock in places, and is wonderful to drink! They do bottle it, including naturally carbonated water, and it wins awards for its quality!

"To the sea, to the sea, to the beautiful sea! You and me, you and me, oh, how happy we'll be!" The sparkling Adriatic sea is a delight with over 1000 islands! A less expensive vacation on the Croatian coast is a more rustic version of the Italian or the French Rivera.

Beautiful sunsets are continually changing at the coast. Come and see us and beautiful Bosnia & Herzegovina!


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