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Counseling and Construction

Jenny has had the privilege to lead a class through "The Heart of the Problem" workbook at our church this spring, the same workbook that is used in the counseling center, in addition to having several individual clients. Some of their comments about what they learned include: "I've learned that I struggle the most with sins of the mind and God shows them/makes them obvious to me so I can repent. He is addressing these sins in my life so I can have a right relationship with Him." "God is the only cure for sin, and God's peace is readily available to us." "I didn't even know that I had sin in my life." "I've learned how to be at peace." Individual clients have the same kind of praise worthy sentiments. I was even privileged to pray with one client to surrender her life to Christ! Praise to God!

I am planning to facilitate another class this summer with co-teachers, Cynthia and Scott Temple, to lead the participants through the book "I Want to Enjoy my Children." I love seeing the participants grow in their understanding and grasp of the principles taught, how to have true freedom in Jesus, including love, joy, peace, patience, and all the fruit of the Spirit.

Dr. Henry Brandt and Dr. Kerry Skinner put these books together from more than 50 years each of personal counseling experience and speaking engagements, across America and in many countries internationally. Dr. Brandt, the Father of Biblical Counseling, was the counselor sent to meet the wives, including Elizabeth Elliot, of the men who were killed by the Auca Indians in Ecuador, including Jim Elliott, in 1956. Their books are full of personal stories from their counseling experience that apply to our lives, as well.

Jenny has learned and grown in her own walk with the Lord through three years of training and is so grateful to have drawn closer to the Lord through the process. Merle also went through the reflective workbook and they discuss these truths often as they chill in the amazing hot tub God provided after a long hard day of physical work as Merle transforms the garage into a useful dwelling. We have enjoyed seeing a little wildlife up on our property on Lookout Mountain including a teenage fox who seemed to be without a mom around, several woodchucks, deer, and a very hard-working man!

When stopping in at a garage sale in an adjacent neighborhood, we learned that there was an originally priced $12,000 hot tub from 2022, available for $600. The owner just wanted it moved out of the garage where it was being stored. Merle felt like this was from the Lord for the garage property that he is working on, so the trick was trying to figure out if he could transport it up the mountain, trusting God that it was in good working order. We found having a hot tub at the New Dawn Glass House improved the frequency of renters. With Josh Werho's help, Merle was able to load it onto a trailer. God steered us into this cost-saving purchase, which Merle can make use of until the building is finished, another abundant blessing from the Lord for sore muscles.

I had a encouraging opportunity to go to a luncheon where a former missionary pilot's wife, Ruth Scheltema, along with her daughter Kisti, were presenting her newly published book, "If I'd Had My Way," hosted by my friend, Stacy, a fellow counselor. It was very encouraging because Jenny has been working on her own book about what God has done in our lives, especially while we lived in Bosnia. It was encouraging to see that it actually can be done. Coming soon...

We enjoyed our kids on Mother's Day, though Hannah and Allan were out of town celebrating their 7th Anniversary. Jenny received two sets of flowers, which were gorgeous, and had dinner out, a rare treat!

The following picture of our friends, Erik and Eliana, after living at least part of their growing up years in Bosnia, were married at the end of May. We felt very privileged to be able to attend their wedding in Flagstaff, Arizona at the end of May, and to see old friends from our shared experience in Sarajevo. Jenny finally got to see the Grand Canyon and Sedona for the first time. Here is the couple as youngsters in Bosnia. I loved taking pictures of events in our life and it proves useful later, especially as I write our story. Can you pick out our kids?

We have VHS videotapes, as well as many pictures, from before we left for Bosnia in 1999 up until the digital era in about 2007, and then digitally. They are very helpful in sequencing events as I write, along with old newsletters that were sent to supporters quarterly or monthly over the years. Snapping some pictures as I watch old videos remind me of many delightful memories, including baptisms of those from our home groups and churches, two of our home groups, a date night with Ado and Jasna at the ministry center, dear neighbors Halima and Bahra, years ago. So many memories are delightful from 20+ years serving in Sarajevo! There are still needs and we hope to bring the concepts of walking in the Spirit for freedom, love, and peace to our friends there this summer and fall. We are in need of $2000+ for our flight expenses for our trip to Sarajevo, Bosnia for this summer and fall. If God leads you to help us financially, please go to the give button above or to ARM Ministries and locate our name to help with this expense. We would also love to have you join our support team. We are very blessed and thankful for your assistance! To God be the glory!

"All that we have accomplished you have done for us." Isaiah 26: 12 Thank you, Lord!

It is a blessing to follow the God of Heaven!


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