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From Cold to Hot

We finally made it to St. Croix after being delayed by a positive Covid test on Christmas Day evening, the night before our flight, then snow and wind cancelled the second scheduled flight, and we had many gate changes on the third scheduled flight two days later. After teaching Evangelism to the Discipleship Training School students via Zoom the week after Christmas, we look forward to meeting and spending time with them personally, when they return from their outreach in Detroit, Michigan at the end of February.

Merle has already been busy with various projects on the YWAM base to keep it running well, and builds or repairs whatever needs attention. It is beautiful here and warm, after Merle was so cold building out in the weather on Lookout Mountain, but without air conditioning, it can be rather hot, especially when working in the sun. Merle has to be careful not to get excess sun exposure or exhaustion. A dip in the pool is a cooling relief mid-day.

There was a team from a Bible school in Norway on an outreach here, who served the local children. It was fun to talk with them about special Christmas foods, lefsa, lutefisk, fattigmann cookies, which Jenny's family also enjoyed, as her paternal grandmother was Norwegian. She sang the song her Grandmother Alma had taught her and they recognized it(!) and said, "Yes, that is a Christmas song!" So fun! Here they are working with local children on base.

Jenny helps in various capacities, scrubbing and cleaning the dirt-laden rooms for visiting teams coming to serve. The ministry changes depending on various groups who are here. We go to one of the government housing projects every Tuesday afternoon to play with the children whom we have tutored in the past, playing various games each week. This week several children used a sticker book to place shapes by letter to create a picture that Debbie, from my church, sent. These kinds of activities are unusual and fun for them. Sophia told one little girl that she loved her and the girl didn't respond. "Do you hear that at home?" No response.

Jenny is continuing to complete her training for Biblical counseling. Merle and I discuss various topics and are both learning. I am still listening it to the class on Thursday night at church by Kerry Skinner, via Cynthia's phone! We also joined an evening Bible study from one of the churches we attend on the Attributes of God. We have friends and acquaintances who live on the island, or are visiting and have some opportunities to spend time with them.

It is a privilege to serve the Lord here in all these ways and more. Pray for our children back in the States as being far away isn't always easy, at least for us! :) We have been praying for rain, and for the chickens to produce more eggs, and both are being answered!

Thank you so much to those who were able to contribute to our support! You are an answer to our prayers! May God richly reward you!

From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is be praised. The Lord is exalted over all the nations, his glory above the heavens. Psalm 113:3


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