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God knows!

Devotional Treasures: Monday evening 9-23-13

When looking through a previous Beth Moore Bible Study devotional book that I went through in 2013 with the Ladies in Sarajevo, I found this written in the margin:

Lydia (13) was noticing how I was racing about, baking "from scratch" carmel rolls for the Ladies Bible Study the next morning, and pear and blueberry kuken. I still needed to finish my last days lesson and read through the Leaders Guide, as I was leading the study, as well as hosting.

"Wow, Mom," Lydia reflected, "you led Worship two times on Sunday and all this!"

I was swelling a bit from puffed-up pride, but then she continued.

"You're like Hitler! What do they call that when someone has all the control? Yea, a dictator."

Ah - laughter and humility.


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