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God's Glory Shone

Here are my fellow students, Tee and Doug, with Alison and Kerry, who led us through a week of counseling information and instruction. It was GREAT! I never anticipated this in my future, that God was opening this opportunity of Biblical Counseling for me! Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful adventure! I am doing lots of reading and test taking over the next year, as well as discipling a number of people through The Heart of the Problem.

Merle and I head to Saint Croix the day after Christmas to teach the Discipleship Training School (DTS) on the Youth with a Mission (YWAM) base on Saint Croix. We look forward to meeting and instructing on Evangelism and sharing our missionary life experience. Merle will also be working on construction projects while we are there. More to come....

The ministry retreat house hiding in the woods is more visible with the leaves down. It is coming together, but not as fast as Merle would like. It will have to be finished in the spring after we return from Saint Croix. Windows (they look bent in one photo, but they aren't), plumbing, and the electrical is in, and the railing on the deck. I am so impressed by my husband! Wow, he is a man of many talents, used by the Lord in so many ways!

Our family was together for Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful time! Lydia's boyfriend, and her roommate, came along, too. Only one more semester until Lydia graduates with her RN in Nursing in May 2022! She is so excited to be almost finished and moving on! Merle visited Delores and brought her Bible to her, which she was glad to have. She used to read to the kitty and the birds when she was living at home.

Visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Houston after 29 years was a delight. We had fun playing Frisbee with my niece and her daughter, visited historical Ima Hogg's home-Bayou Bend, and ate at some delightful places. It was a lovely reunion.

It is that time of year again when we are asking and praying for your financial help. The tax-deductible gifts we receive in December and January supplement our account to allow us to survive the rest of the year, as our monthly support is not adequate to sustain us. We would be super encouraged if you could also join our monthly support family. Click on the Give tab above, which will take you to ARM Ministries, where you can designate to give to Merle and Jenny Jones. We raise our own support, and have for almost 25 years. We would be so grateful to you for investing in His Kingdom through our ministry to the Nations. We are so grateful to those who have stood with us for almost 25 years as many generous givers supplied our needs at that time, as well as all the years we have invested our lives in His Kingdom. Please join our team as we continue to serve as He directs, being the arms and hands of Christ to serve the needs of the world. Thank you and may God richly bless you in return!

Remember that Jesus is the reason for celebrating Christmas. He came to set us free from our sin, if we would repent and turn to Him! Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!!


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