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Last Things and Things that Last - April 2019

Our time here is almost gone. We leave today to spend four weeks with our children before heading to Bosnia at the end of May. Our desire these last five months was to be a blessing to the Youth With A Mission base (YWAM) and those lives we touched in Saint Lucia, to the glorify of God. Here are some of the highlights of our last month:

Our Alpha Class, investigating Christianity, was able to convene one more time to say goodbye to our dedicated students, as the schedule with testing and sports program had given the opportunity for many to be out of the class. Merle gave Bibles to the most enthusiastic and I gave one student a New Testament. Some have Bibles at home and we encouraged them to read. The teacher, Ms. Danielle, really knows and loves her students!

Merle taught about the Lord's supper and what Christ did for us on the cross by instituting the New Covenant to an attentive and first-time audience.

During Bible Study, Merle has been leading us through Malachi this month. It has many relevant discussion topics, and led to lots of lively discussion. One intriguing thought is God

being wearied by some of the questions or statements from mankind about Him and life.

Serving Christ at the Salvation Army to feed the homeless on the street on Friday afternoons was insightful. How is it that people who know scripture end up on the street? We usually serve about 55-60 meals and sometimes gave a few an extra meal at the end. Sometimes it became a fight! It is especially sad when we don't have enough meals to feed everyone, and someone goes away hungry. That breaks my heart. "If you give even a cup of water to the least of these, you do it to me."

Kids Club went to see the movie Breakthrough! It was great and led to lots of discussion about all the breakthroughs in people's lives and how various things affected them. Very powerful and great applications! The vans are always packed coming and going home!

Church friends, Pastor Bram in the red shirt, and me playing the piano, with Delfina on flute and Shara on steel drum for Easter Sunday!

Merle shared about our work in post-war Bosnia and the increase of Islam with the Missions Discipleship Training School.

The YWAM Thanksgiving Celebration for Volunteers helped many people understand the role of YWAM in the community and the projects in which we have been involved. Guy and Marylin want to glorify God and build the body of Christ in Saint Lucia, to be a Kingdom-sending force to all nations.

Merle, jack-of-all-trades, built many construction projects - a bookcase, screens for the door and various windows, and putting up our mosquito net and chasing down mosquitoes for a more peaceful and protected sleep! I brought and purchased new and used supplies for the kitchen and elsewhere to help better equip the base for service. Even the funds we provided helped financially.

Asaph works on music theory. He learned to keep his eyes on the music, read by interval, and keep the beat - hope he remembers after I am gone! Ben learned a little piano reading, and I helped Salma keep the beat in church. This is Marylin's Preschool where she applies what she is learning for Early Childhood Education Training.

Thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to serve here and bless the YWAM base Saint Lucia, West Indies! It was a learning process and a blessing for us as well!


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