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Sing Your Way Through Life!


Our hearts are full of eager hopes for this day or this year being the best of all! It CAN be as we focus on putting our attention on our Savior and what he has done for us.

Remember what your life was like before your salvation? (1 Cor. 1:26-31 and 6:11) Not too pretty for many of us, I suppose. But as we begin to reflect on the blessings God has brought into our lives, we can’t help but be thankful and joyous! We can read a few Psalms (Psalm 105: 1-7) and turn our attention to things above, to unshakeable gifts that can never be lost and we will be filled with joy, as one who is being burned at the stake for their faith, like John Hus in 1414.

We can sing our way through life or worry ourselves to death! What will our choice be? God promises to be with us and care for us, even through the hard times! It can strengthen us and teach us many things. When I struggle with something, I make a comparison like this one to list my choice of response. It seems obvious which choice I should make! But I have to keep reminding myself!


Worry, cry, get a headache

Yell at the kids or the dog

Grumble, be crabby, pout

Complain to friends

Pray & plead to God

Trust God

Be grateful for what I DO have

Be thankful - actually make a list

Relax, enjoy, smile

Worship God

Sing praise to God

What about you? May God give you a new and improved outlook on life and may you CHOOSE TO TRUST GOD! Choose every day to REJOICE!


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