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The Blood and Emotions Flowed

Bring the cow or sheep into the yard and observe it for 4 Days. (Merle said it is to make sure it doesn't have mad-cow disease!) But it reminded me of the Passover when the Law says to bring the sacrificial animal into the home and observe it for 4 days, just like Jesus going into the Temple and being observed, then sacrificed for us, just like the cow on my my patio. It was so gross and I couldn't stop thinking about Jesus - his precious holy blood - poured out for me and everyone who chooses to follow Him. The sin he covered for all of us covers every disgusting thought, word, and deed of the world! Horrible stuff! The worst we can throw at Him, He covers. Wow. And the Father sees us as perfect and holy. Unbelievable. Such love and grace. Amazing grace. Amazing!

Learning young.

I felt like a tourist this day, as we took the cable car to Trebevic Mountain overlooking Sarajevo. I was very impressed with the quality of construction! Our last time with new friends this summer, Daniel and Collie. You can see the old bobsled from the 1984 Olympics, destroyed in the war, decorated now with changing colorful graffiti.

Then we went with Carolyn to see three documentaries in the Sarajevo Film Festival. It was very interesting! One was the dream to reconnect with a lost childhood home from war. A musical film was very diversified with soloists playing Muslim, Jewish or Orthodox style music with a famous orchestra. Another was a day in the lives of two Bosnian women far from anything. Very poignant. Then we went downtown to shop for some souvenirs. I couldn't resist some photos. We saw our neighbors, which was a treat! And of course, a specialty coffee with ice cream!! We literally ran away from those wonderful looking tube baked sweets! And lovely colorful ice cream.

This month, we the visited the Baptist Church, and heard Josh(who did a great job!) speak at Kosevsko Brdo Church, both in Sarajevo. Katie asked for prayer for their family as they were feeling a great deal of oppression after they returned to Sarajevo. Both services were well attended, at least the Sundays we were there, though with lots of foreigners or missionaries.

It was a really big day for this Merima, Melika's friend who came with us to Pazaric to try climbing and rappelling for the first time and also got to hang in the hang gliding harness as Merle is donating this set-up for a snazzy zip line to Elvir. He is the professor we knew from the Sports College he has worked with for so many years. The girls felt like they were flying!

I assisted Asima in making Moussaka, taking notes and pictures, and serving Tom, Kristi, and Carolyn. Yum! And of course, Bosnian coffee.

Merle was able to help Vanessa and Sasa while they are doing some remodeling and celebrated as they enjoyed their new table on the patio.

We enjoyed breakfast with Jean Jacque and Vesna, learning about Albania as a vacation destination. Her Bosnian ancestors had their pictures on the wall, which I took a picture of, as well as a beautiful painting of the lovely river running through Bihac.

Fatima, our sweet little neighbor turned 8 so we bought her some action toys - two water squirtters and a badminton set. Grapes are changing color! We donated our 220 projector, VHS/DVD player, and kids VHS tapes to Dejana and Remi for their use and the preschool in Breza where they had contributed so much. It is a blessing to be a blessing to others!

Luke's friend Belmin and his wife, Indira, and child came over to visit. Belmin is a firefighter and Indira works in a coffee shop in town while his mother watches their little sweetie.

Dr. Aldijana, with whom we have spent quite a bit of time, shows off an award she received for helping so many foreigners with their health issues. Jenny is better. Merle's beautiful niece, Megan, was married and we had to miss it! So sad. And we missed Uncle Gilbert's funeral. These are some of the difficulties of being on the field so far from home.

Lydia moved into Toccoa Falls College with help from her brother and sister. I love to see them laughing together! Wish I was there! We missed Christmas with our children last year and I decided that I don't want to do that again, so we will be home for Christmas!

October will be 20 years since we moved to Bosnia & Herzegovina in 1999, after a two week vision trip teaching English in 1997 and subsequently raising support for two years to be able to come long-term. We are still in need of funds to move Christmas decorations, kids' memories, my piano, music books, books, sports equipment, and a little special furniture back to the States that were moved here so long ago. The container ships at the end of November. If you are able to help with this probably $6000 need, we would so appreciate your help! Click the giving button above. May God BLESS YOU and multiply it back to you three-fold for your generosity to the needy. Us!


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