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Transformational Environment in a Place of Peace

Merle is hard, REALLY hard, at work in the mud and rain and sun, working on the foundation of the glass house. He finally had the lumber delivered last Thursday. He hopes to have the roof on by next week! He gets filthy dirty and soaking wet from sweat, and has to change his clothes several times a day. He did hire a crew to put in the block work, but we can't afford to hire anything much else. He is the laborer in this harvest! This little one bedroom glass house is on a quaint winding road in a beautiful spot in the woods up on Lookout Mountain, with a little babbling brook at the back of the property, that you can hear from the deck. It is so peaceful and beautiful! Pray with us that God will use this property for His glory!

Woo-hoo! Making progress! We pray that we have the funds to finish the project and get it renting (minimum two-night rental) before we leave for Saint Croix. Luke is going with Merle today to help him by providing another set of hands and his additional strength to start the house framing process this week, getting the roof on within the week, we pray!

* Delores is doing great, and walking better than she has for awhile, even without a walker! She was rather confused about who we were, unfortunately. She said she had missionary friends who were coming from the US Virgin Islands, and we said, "That's us!" She was so happy we were visiting!

* Our small group said goodbye to one couple as they retire and sadly (to us) moved to the beach! It's hard to be "left behind" as they venture out on a new life! But we will also be leaving for Saint Croix, Lord willing, the day after Christmas! Pray for us as we prepare to teach Evangelism, that we would impart what God wants the students to know and that we would inspire a new generation of young people to give their hearts and lives to love God with everything in them and lovingly serve others! We will remain on the YWAM base for several months, for building projects that Merle has the skill and strength to do. We are bringing some games and educational materials with us, for the children we serve in the projects. (See the winter 2020 Newsletters for pictures.)

* I continue to read and study for the counseling training ministry at First Baptist Jonesboro, our home church. The Lord, naturally, works on my heart and the sin in my life first, so I am having to face my issues head on. Transform me, Lord! We are praying for the Lord to provide funds for me to attend their residency program the third week of November.

* Bonnie, the red-head above, is a long-time friend from our single days, back in the 80's. We went together to Israel with the Singles Department, under Richard and Helen Taylor. We miss their inspiring friendship and leadership.

* Goielle, our dear Bosnian/American friend from Sarajevo, is training with horses to serve here as well as bringing her knowledge back to Bosnia.

* Luke - the man!

* Lydia turned 22 years old! We celebrated with pumpkin spiced coffee with homemade whipped cream at home. She and her friend, Abby, share their Birthdays, only two days apart. Lydia plans to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing next May, 2022. She has recently been involved with several baby deliveries, and seen the tinys in the NICU, which broke her heart. We are so proud of all her very hard work and dedication!

* I recently had the privilege of spending some time with a dear inspirational friend. Dottie, and her late husband, Jack, who served in Kenya in the 80's, were instrumental in my life as the Lord put missions to the nations on my heart at First Baptist Atlanta. She now lives an hour south of us and I was privileged to have lunch with her one day.

To the ends of the earth, may the Lord be praised!

Psalm 117

Praise the LORD, all nations!

Glorify Him, all peoples!

For great is His faithful love to us;

the LORD's faithfulness endures forever.



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