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Block By Block - Preparing for the Future

Some of you have asked how Merle's building project for our future ministry center is progressing. God has given us this small window of opportunity, due to the lock downs in Sarajevo, so we thought it would be a good time to begin the process. As our income is not adequate for our future, we are being like "the ant" and making use of the summer and fall.

Merle is learning a few new skills as he starts from the bottom up, and Luke is adding his coordination and strength to our "glass house" project on Lookout Mountain, GA. Merle had this property before we were married and since we inherited a bit of money, we are doing our best to start the first building of a potential ministry center, before we head out of the country to teach in Saint Croix on Evangelism. It is slow going, as Merle is doing the work himself due to limited funds, but he has wonderful skills and loads of experience.

Besides the septic tank being installed, Merle constructed two temporary power poles, prepared the ground, and put in footers for the house, and everything passed inspections.

Next comes the concrete in the footers and block work to build up the foundation, then we will finally be out of the mud and actually building the structure! Please pray with us that this small vacation rental will be finished and renting by Thanksgiving. We leave for Saint Croix to teach right after Christmas and want it available to rent to you! It will be a lovely 640 sq. ft. one bedroom/one bath with laundry facilities, small kitchen, and glass surrounded living room in the woods of Lookout Mountain, not far from Rock City, Covenant College, Fairyland district at the tip of Lookout, the Incline Railroad, Chattanooga, and nearby Cloudland Canyon.

"Wealth obtained by fraud will dwindle, but whoever earns it through labor will multiply it." Proverbs 13:11


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