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It is Finished!

The New Dawn "Glass House" on Lookout Mountain in GA is finally done and will be on the rental market through I-Trip Chattanooga. God has provided the property and time to build during the worldwide pandemic lock downs and will prayerfully supplement our income for this last chapter of our lives. Merle has worked so very hard on it for many months. We are thrilled that his God-given skill and amazing craftsmanship have resulted in a beautiful escape-into-the-mountains retreat cottage for two! God connected us with iTrip Northwest GA at just the right time for renting it. Here are a few pictures to scope it out, best viewed on a computer as they are panoramas. The link to book it through ITrip, which will have lowest fees, will have more pictures on their site and be available very soon. We would love to see the rest of the property develop into a retreat center in the future.

We leave for Bosnia-Herzegovina this Wednesday, August 2, 2023! We decided to fly via Turkish Airlines through Istanbul as the flight was the cheapest option ($2000) and we also could take two checked bags each for free. However, we didn't know that as we fly to Istanbul for an overnight and then on to Sarajevo the next day, we needed a $50/each Turkish visa for just one night! We probably won't make that choice again, but at least we can bring needed items for folks in Bosnia. We also waited for both the Glass house to be on the market and the airline prices to drop after the summer. It was a good choice to buy when we did, as the prices have leapt up again! We are so excited to be back to see our friends and the believers of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Church. It can be a very dark and heavy spiritual place, but God's grace is greater! Please pray for a solution for our transportation needs and adjustment to this challenging environment.

It was so exciting and encouraging to see the zipline that Merle built a few years ago being used at the summer camps at Boracko Lake in Bosnia!

Lydia and Joshua had a very lovely wedding at Mystic Acres. The Lord was so good to answer our prayers to provide an affordable place near our home, available in April 2023, and a date which Larry Lawrence could officiate, as well as by blowing away the rain, though it was unforgettably windy! It was wonderful to have our siblings to come and celebrate with us! Jo's parents and siblings came from Japan and it was a blessing to spend a little time with them. Here are some of Lindsey Temple Werho's lovely photography.

I was so tickled that our siblings could come to join the celebration. We don't see each other often, so it was especially wonderful as they stayed a few extra days!

I have had the privilege to counsel through Think LifeChange with several women this fall and spring and it has been so encouraging to see their lives change so dramatically when they turn to the Lord, confess their own part in whatever, repent, and receive the renewed filling of the Holy Spirit's body of fruit - peace, joy, thankfulness, contentment! God is so good when we let Jesus invade our life! If it is sin, there is no human remedy. Only Jesus can transform us from the inside out! "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4

We will be continuing to send newsletters as we travel. If God leads you to join our financial team or if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to ARM Ministries for us, just click the give button at the top and find our account. Thank you in advance for any gift, of any size, for any length of time! We are so appreciative! Our regularly committed givers provide for us so that we can live through these contributions. We are so grateful for your love, prayers, and support. To God be the Glory for our lives and His transforming work in us and through us! Please keep us in your prayers.


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