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Lovely America!

Life is so easy in the States! Having a washer, and especially a dryer, makes life so much easier! In about an hour, your clothes are fresh and clean, and you have fluffy, soft towels. No hanging and waiting for clothes to dry, especially if it is cold and rainy outside. If you don't have many clothes, it isn't a problem. Just wash, dry, and go! Simplicity is such a blessing. You don't need tons of clothes, just what fits and those you like. Easy peasy.

Groceries. All at one place, or multiple places, if you like. You can even have them delivered to your door! And such variety and multiple options. No traveling around town, in a car or on foot, from the bakery, to the market, to the meat store. Could it be easier?

Water. Fresh and flowing from the faucet, or the refrigerator dispenser if you are particularly blessed. Instantly clean and pure cold water, available at you fingertips.

And dishes. Now I still hand wash my wooden-handled knives or anything aluminum, but just about everything else can go in the dishwasher. Paper plates are popular, too. Even Grandma doesn't use her fine china.

And how about that handy button on your car's visor - the garage door opener. How amazingly handy. Other people in the world marvel that Americans have a house for their car!

And we won't even mention air conditioning.

Now most people (even in the world) have phones these days and internet is almost as essential as electricity. But lose those two and whoa... you've got short tempers, and bored people in the household. And not just teenagers. Whatever happened to a lovely bath by candlelight? electricity means dinner out! A great excuse not to cook tonight. The electricity must be working over there. It will be back on my bedtime. Or so we hope.

Ah, the essentials of American life. So available. So reliable. Instant gratification. What do we have to do without? Only patience, perhaps.

Do we appreciate these amazing inventions and blessings? We should. Many in the world have a much more difficult life than we do. Don't forget them.

Thank God for your dryer today!


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